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Nov '06

What has changed?

I’ve been surfing the wedding registry of someone I know who’s about to get married. Some of the things they registered for are the usual–sheet sets, ovenware, toaster.

But how about these items?

    Biolage 8 oz shampoo
    Biologe 3.9 oz shine renewal
    Cascade Gel 75 oz, lemon scent
    Elton John’s Greatest Hits
    Hangers, 6 pk, plastic
    Bandaid 20 count
    South Park, season 5
    Lint brush
    Febreeze 27 oz pet odor eliminator
    SNL Best of Will Ferrell
    Conair Ceramic Ionic Hairdryer
    Dumb and Dumber

A wedding registry is supposed to help friends and family members know what types of gifts would help the new couple set up their new home together, right? Okay, so then maybe I can see the Cascade and the Bandaids. Maybe even the shampoo.

But South Park? A hairdryer? Will Ferrell?

Well, shoot, according to the registry someone has already given them the set of plastic hangers they wanted.

That’s okay, though; I already know what I am giving the couple. Something out of my closet of “re-gift items.” And it probably isn’t going to be Elton John’s Greatest Hits.

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