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Aug '06

Who Loves Mickey?

Mickey Plate

Today during my drive home from work I noticed the license plate on the SUV ahead of me. It said, “ILVMCKY”. I started to wonder, “Surely that doesn’t mean ‘I love Mickey’, as in the famous mouse. Surely no self-respecting adult would put that on their license pl—”

And then my eyes took in the rest of the SUV.

Around the “ILVMCKY” license plate was a plate holder decorated with those infamous white gloves giving thumbs up and high fives. Smack center in the rear window was a silhouette decal of Mr. Mickey Mouse himself. To top it all off the trailer hitch was covered in silver Mickey Mouse ears.

Whoa. Mickey overload. Kind of makes me want to gag.

Or go to Disneyland.

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  1. Matt Says:

    Wow! lol, cool. Makes me think of those Hello Kitty cars…

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