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Jun '06

Her Royal Plumpness

I called my mom today (it’s her birthday) and as we were about to hang up she asked her traditional closing questions: How’s John? (wonderful) and How’s Kyra? (fat)

My mom was surprised by this last answer and said she thought of Kyra as a slender cat.

Kyra was slender, and we thought she’d always be slender because when we got her we met her mommy cat, who was thin. But then again, her mommy cat lived outdoors and wasn’t spayed (hence why we have Kyra and why her owners offered to give us two more kittens for free, just to get rid of them). Yep, Kyra was slender just like her mom until she went under the knife herself and got spayed. It probably doesn’t help that she lives indoors and doesn’t have many rodents to chase after (not that I’m complaining about that).

So I promised Mom I’d post pictures so she could see our plump kitty Kyra.

Fat Cat

See her tummy hanging out?

tummy 1

Kyra, for whatever reason, loves to lay on her back with her tummy wide open to the air–but she doesn’t like you to touch her stomach at all.

tummy 2

(Warning: The next image is a little scary, but she’s just yawning.)

yawny kitty

And, finally, a picture I caught of the Great Yellow Nemesis. This bushy yellow cat lives somewhere in our neighborhood and can often be seen lazing on our fence line or even on our patio. Whenever Kyra sees the Great Yellow, she freaks out. She paces and meows a lot and doesn’t take her eyes off him until he’s out of sight. This doesn’t ever faze the Great Yellow in the least. He just lounges comfortably until he feels ready to move on to someone else’s backyard.

Below you can see Kyra guarding her precious territory (our house, which she thinks is hers) while the Great Yellow nonchalantly walks away.

yellow cat!

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  1. erin Says:

    some of my favorite song lyrics:

    “you’re like a baby, i’m like a cat,
    when we are happy we both get fat!”

    kyra must be a very happy kittie.


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