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Jun '06

Saturday is a special day

Saturday is supposed to be a day off work. Other times it’s a day of work. Yesterday was a little of both.

We lounged a bit in the morning but by the afternoon we were hard at work. Our mission: to clean the master bathroom.

I’m happy to say we not only successfully cleaned the entire master bath, but we also managed to clean up our bedroom a bit.

I dusted our light fixture for the first time ever since moving in last September. It probably had a couple years’ worth of dust on it.

We had never looked too closely at the light fixtures, and we actually thought they were opaque, covered in a sort of white glaze. Turns out they’re pretty clear once you clean off the dust.


And here’s our lovely bathroom view now. We can tell that it’s time to clean the shower, or, actually, that it’s way overdue, when it’s hard to see through the glass for all the soap scum. Notice now how nice and see-through it is. That’s thanks to John, Shower Power, and a scrub brush.

master bath1

It feels so good to clean something that needed it. Last night I went to bed way too late and was actually very tired, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off our newly dusted light fixtures. “Look,” I kept saying to John, who was trying to read, “look how clean they are! They glimmer!”

Funny how something so small and seemingly insignificant can make you feel so accomplished.

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