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Jan '06

Yummy…Cat Vomit

(If the title of this post hasn’t warned you sufficiently, I hereby further warn you to postpone reading this post until you have finished eating. Or, better yet, read it now and eat later when you’ve forgotten all about what I’m about to write.)

Today I got to try out a housecleaning product that I had bought when we first got new carpet, but hadn’t used yet: Spot Shot.

Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner

It’s magical stuff. I know this because I read about it in Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean, and because today I tried it out myself for the first time.

After I got home from church today I fed Kyra, our not so little kitten (she’s almost a year old now), and then let her upstairs to romp around a bit. John was still at bishopric meetings, so I made myself lunch–a piece of toast smeared with Nutella and sliced bananas. It was delicious. One of my favorite semi-healthy treats.

I was just finishing off my last bite when a loud hack-hacking noise arose from behind me. I turned in my chair just in time to see Kyra toss her cookies…er, Friskies.

You’re likely familiar with standard human vomit. Now imagine that pinkish-orange mass dotted with non-digested Friskie bits. A colorful mess it was.

My first thought was, Sure glad I already ate my lunch.

My second thought was, Ewww. Kyra just threw up her own lunch.

I gently scooped up the cat, who was now licking her vomity paws, and put her down in the basement so I could clean up. (I was afraid she might try to explore the mess she had just created. Cats are curious, after all.)

This is where Spot Shot comes in. I wiped up the main blob with a paper towel (two, actually) and then covered the area in Spot Shot. A few dabs with a clean cloth and voila! Clean carpet.

This was our first carpet blunder since we got the new carpet, which is why it’s blog worthy. That, and it involved kitty vomit. John assures me that we’ll have many more such blunders once we have kids. Probably then we’ll have stuff in the carpet that we never even thought kids were capable of producing.

I’m telling you…cats are good practice for parenthood.

Cat Vomit Sign

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