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Dec '05

Top Cat

Cat in Rafters

Most mornings when I come downstairs Kyra, our cat who lives in the basement, hears me and meows to be let up into the first floor. This morning when I was gathering together my things for work I heard Kyra like usual, but her mewing was louder and more frequent than normal.

When I go to the basement each morning to feed her, she’s usually waiting with her nose pressed against the basement door, ready to run out into first-floor freedom when that door opens. Today she wasn’t there. I walked downstairs and called to her. She mewed in response, but I couldn’t see her.

Our basement is unfinished but framed for a family room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Last night when I fed her I noticed she was sitting in some of the framework, about two feet off the ground. No big deal.

This morning I followed her mewling to the back of the basement and looked up. There she was, perched on a two-by-four near the ceiling. I have no idea how she got up there. I stood and looked for any conceivable stepping points to where she ended up, and I saw none.

I’ve heard of cats getting stuck in trees and not being able to get down (which is, in fact, featured in The Incredibles). But I’ve never seen it for myself.

I dragged over something I could stand on and pulled her down. Immediately she started purring.

If Kyra were a person, I’d tell her, “Let this be a lesson to you, young lady. Never climb higher than you can safely descend yourself.” In fact, I did tell her that. But Kyra’s a cat, and cats have a very short term memory. At least our cat does. I won’t be surprised if I have to rescue her again tomorrow.

(P.S. The picture above is not actually our cat, but a representation of her. The look in this cat’s eyes is pretty close to Kyra’s this morning….)

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