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Mar '10

New skill!

Wes is learning how to use the garbage can. He used to think the big trash can was meant for him to empty out. Which is why for months our kitchen trash can sat on a countertop.

But recently I’d had enough of it sitting on the counter so I put it back in its place on the floor and determined to teach Wes how to leave it alone. He’s getting better. If he throws his food on the floor (something else we’re working on–with no progress yet) I ask him to put it in the garbage. He’ll walk over, lift the lid, throw the item away, then close the lid and pat it like a dog. I’m always really happy to see him use the trash can like a big boy.

Although today he was a little too much of a big boy when I caught him lifting the lid and throwing away a $2,200 check I need to take to the bank. Thankfully I grabbed it before it went the way of all the earth.