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Jun '09

Baby in a Basket

Lately I’ve been finding Wes in tight spaces, like cupboards and baskets. I’m not sure how he manages to fit. (P.S. We’ve cut his hair since these pictures. It was a matted mess.)

And who says money doesn’t buy happiness?

Also, check out this video of Wesley’s latest new joy: making himself dizzy.

Jun '09

Alive and Kickin’

Wesley is cranking out new skills like crazy. Earlier today I looked over and he was kicking his Winnie the Pooh ball! His physical therapist has worked on kicking with him twice (she comes just once a month), but I haven’t worked very diligently with Wes between visits. Somehow, he still managed to get it.

His dad was so excited about the new skill that tonight for about a half hour he played soccer with Wes in the living room, kicking the ball all over the place.



Today I was talking to John while sitting on the living room floor when I noticed a toy under the couch John was sitting on. It was one of the rings for Wesley’s stacker toy. I had been wondering where it had gone.

In fact, as I thought about it, lately a lot of toys have gone missing. I had been wondering if, like the clothes dryer monster that eats socks, maybe our home has a toy monster somewhere, sucking up toys when we’re not looking.

Then I had the genius idea to look under all our couches. Under the other long couch I found a DVD and three bug-shaped rattles that go with the bug sorting jar. Under the love seat I found the lid to the bug sorting jar, a board book, and a cat toy. Then, under the chair, I hit the jackpot:

The big money in this find is that red and white toy remote control. I have been looking EVERYWHERE (with the obvious exception of where it was) for this toy for weeks. Wesley is obsessed with remote controls and phones, and I love this toy because when I give it to him I don’t hear a peep from him for fifteen minutes, at least.

Thank you, toy monster, for spitting back out Wesley’s toys.


Beto Bits

Last night was the long-awaited Zumba master class with Beto (creator of Zumba) in Salt Lake City, UT. I went with two of my Zumba friends, Desree and Kate. Desree teaches Zumba regularly, and Kate is newly certified.

First, we waited in line outside Studio 600. We were there about an hour early. It was a good chance to chat with other Zumba students and instructors. We met two gals who flew in from Indiana.

After we found our spots we waited more for the big Beto reveal. When he came on stage we all went nuts, screaming and clapping. Beto is a big celebrity in the world of Zumba. Here he is on stage with our ZES (Zumba Education Specialist), Lindsey. She certifies instructors in Utah, Colorado, and Indiana.

Then class started. Warm up lasted about twenty minutes, and then they started filming. The main cardio portion of the class was taped to be included as the “live class” section of the next DVD release that goes out to all Zumba instructors across the world. That will come out in August. It was funny to have the cardio part filmed, because occasionally they had to stop in the middle of a song if the sound wasn’t right, or if Beto messed up bad (which, surprise!, he did several times), and we would restart the song.

Class was AWESOME. No exaggeration. It was awesome. The only tricky part was how mushed together we all were. It was hard to move freely for fear of whapping the person beside you.

Here I am during class with Beto on stage.

And me snuggling close to The Man himself.

It was a great night of fun, music, dancing, sweat, and yes–I am SORE today. Especially after teaching another Zumba class this morning at 6. I deserve a break today.

Jun '09

Pork and Beans and Other Amazing Things

Yesterday at lunchtime I was rooting through our pantry and found a can of pork and beans that John had picked out the last time we shopped together. When I had asked him why he got pork and beans he told me they’re pretty good with hot dogs.

So that’s what we had for lunch: hot dogs and pork and beans. I realized I’ve never had pork and beans before. Does that mean I failed as a college student? (I have had Ramen, though.)

And I’m surprised to announce that I totally loved the meal. Is that weird? Who knew that hot dogs were so good with pork and beans?

Well, John did. In a couple weeks we’ll celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. Over the years he has gradually introduced me to various new things I never knew I could appreciate.

1. Hot dogs with pork and beans
2. Cheap frozen pizzas (even the Tony Roma’s are good with enough basil and pepper sprinkled on top. In fact, from John I’ve learned that pepper makes just about anything tastier, and from me he’s learned the same thing about basil.)
3. Cheez-Its, frozen prepared meals, and pepperoni

OK, after reviewing my list, perhaps his food influence hasn’t been the healthiest…

1. Star Wars
2. Star Trek
3. Indiana Jones
4. Lord of the Rings

I’m embarrassed to admit that the first (and sometimes the second and third) time I saw these movies I did not understand them. At all. Something about space? OK. Something about cobwebby underground caverns and snakes? OK. Something about little people, a ring, and lots and lots of fighting? OK.

John and I just finished watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And once he explained a few things to me I totally GOT it! And you can just ask him who was bugging him every day: “Can we watch more Lord of the Rings today? Huh? Can we?”

Same with Star Trek. Before the most recent movie came out we watched one of the more recent Star Trek movies (don’t ask me which one). I’ve probably seen it before, but apparently a lot of it had gone over my head. This time I got it, enjoyed it, and was ready for the new movie–which I LOVED.

I never thought I’d enjoy any of these movies, and look at me now. Practically a sci-fi/fantasy movie junkie.

1. Hockey (When I met John and found out he played ice hockey in college I recall thinking, “BOR-ing.” But once you understand the rules, it’s a pretty great game. We’ve even been to an NHL game in LA, and I was screaming right along with everyone else.)
2. Roller coasters (OK, I’m not as completely sold on the idea of doing loop-de-loops as John wishes I were, but I’m proud to report that I can handle some roller coasters. And this after being the biggest wimp west of the Mississippi growing up.)
3. Water sports (I grew up a little afraid of water, so I never thought I’d enjoy being in the water. John started to break me down when he took me jet skiing at a company party a few years ago. And then again when we went canoeing and snorkeling in the ocean off the coast of Grand Cayman. And again when we snorkeled at Cozumel. Slowly, he’s turning me into a water woman.)

I could go on. Basically, it’s a good thing I picked who I picked to marry, since it turns out your spouse helps mold you into whoever you become over the course of your life. Who knew I’d be a pork and beans-eating, Lord of the Rings-watching, hockey fan?

Jun '09

Clapping and Other Neat-o Tricks

Wesley clapped for the first time yesterday.

We’ve been trying to get him to clap for what feels like forever. I’ve seen kids a lot younger than him clap and I’ve always wondered, “Why the heck can’t/won’t Wes do that?” Just last week one of his therapists was visiting and when she learned he doesn’t clap yet told us he needs to learn how to do that.

Lately Wes and I have been playing a game where he puts his hands on mine and he pushes my hands open and closed. I say the words “open” and “close” as our hands move. He likes to direct the motion, and he laughs when we go really fast (and end up clapping).

Just yesterday, for the first time, he started waving his arms and hands around like crazy with this goofy expression on his face. It took me a second to realize, “Hey! He’s clapping!”

Check out this video. It shows off not only his new clapping skills, but three other tricks he’s recently acquired.

I’m really proud of him. The longer you have to walk to arrive somewhere, the more you enjoy your destination. I’m really enjoying Wesley’s progress because it takes a lot, sometimes, to get there!

I’m excited, too, that he’s learned a new sign: “please.” We just realized this week that when he’s rubbing his tummy he’s saying “please.” I think he must have learned this from our time spent at playgroup, because there when the leaders ask if the kids want something, parents are supposed to help the kids say “please” (I take Wesley’s hand and rub it in a circle on his chest). I guess you never know what things your little people are going to pick up without you realizing it.