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Mar '06

Another Kyra Moment

When we got Kyra a year ago, we knew we were about to get a small glimpse of what parenthood would be like. And Kyra hasn’t let us down. I mean, I know a cat’s different from real children . . . but caring for a creature that’s helpless and doesn’t understand the meaning of “no” is pretty close to human kids, right?

On Sunday night John and I vacuumed the area around Kyra’s kitty litter and food dish in the basement so it looks really nice again. Afterward I dumped out the dirt (we have a bagless vacuum cleaner) and washed out the filter. The filter is a grey foam cylinder that takes several hours to dry, so I left it on top of the kitchen sink to dry overnight.

foam filter

The next day I noticed the filter was missing. Now, Kyra knows she’s not allowed on the countertops, but like I said, cats and kids don’t always remember the meaning of “no.”

I looked all over the first floor and then the second floor. No filter anywhere. I had to go to work, and when John and I were home together last night we checked out the basement. Sure enough, she had dragged the foam filter downstairs to her little habitat. Why? I have no idea. In addition, we noticed that she had learned how to open her cat food bag and had helped herself to a little kitty feast. We rolled up the bag real tight to keep her out, but this morning I noticed she was in it again.

Parenthood? No. But it’s close enough for now.

Mar '06

Bath Time is a, um, Fun Time

Tonight it was time to–da da dummmm–give Kyra a bath.

She hates baths. I mean, she’s a cat. They’re hard-wired to love attention and hate water. Especially submersion in water.

But John is a tough man and I’m a good helper, and together we can accomplish the bath without too many scratches on our arms and other unprotected body parts.

John’s job is to catch Kyra and hold her down while I soap her up and rinse her off. Tonight, thankfully, Kyra was somewhat peaceful. John and I both came away wet, but with no blood run-off.

Here’s a couple pictures of Kyra just after her bath.

Bath 1

Looks kind of like a porcupine, huh?

Bath 2

Afterward we took her downstairs and fed and watered her and generally tidied up her kitty living area. While we were doing this, Kyra was off in the shadows licking herself down. She made it very clear she wanted nothing to do with us anymore. If we came near her or tried to turn on the light to find her she meowed in a very distinct, angry way that inferred, “How could you do this to me, you evil cat-haters?!”

So we left her alone. She’ll have all night to dry off and cool down, and maybe tomorrow she’ll feel ready for more attention.

Mar '06

New Addictions?

Today I did two unusual things: 1) got a manicure and 2) became an Ebay-monger.

Some guys might wonder why girls feel compelled to pay someone $15+ to paint their nails. Sometimes I wonder that myself. But only until I get into the salon and my hands are soaking in nice, warm water with bubbles on top and therapeutic pebbles at the bottom. Then you forget all about the $15 and think only how lovely everything feels.

And tonight I logged into Ebay (which is rare) and started browsing jewelry (even rarer). I’ve been looking for a solitaire cz pendant necklace to replace one I lost a while ago, and I found one being sold by igem.tv on Ebay. You can see the necklace here, but I assure you I didn’t pay $249. I paid 99 cents, plus about $11 in shipping and insurance. $12.33 for a necklace isn’t bad. And this necklace isn’t cubic zirconium, it’s briolite (synthetic diamond). Most reviewers left positive feedback saying the jewelry was gorgeous, and a few said it looked cheesy fake. So we’ll see how I like it.

The problem with Ebay is that it’s addictive. You start looking at one thing and then you look at another, and suddenly you’re thinking, “I could do with a pair of fourteen-carat white gold cubic zirconium-studded hoop earrings. They’re only $25.” And then you’re thinking, “I could do with a fourteen-carat gold ¼ carat diamond anniversary band ring. It’s only $325.” There is so much beautiful jewelry out there, and it’s frighteningly easy to point and click “BUY.”

I’m happy to say that I restrained myself with the one necklace. And the one manicure. Although I have to admit while I was sitting in the salon getting my nails done, my eyes kept wandering to the hair color charts on the wall. Maybe I could do with highlights in my hair . . .