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Jun '13

Night at the Library

Friday night we went to the library. I’ve only taken my kids to the library once, altogether, and it was only once because it was so very much work for me and not terribly enjoyable. Mostly because Wes won’t stay in one place to read books. He’d rather explore. But with John there, too, I thought we could handle it together.

All day long Carissa kept saying “We going to WHY-bay-ee!” She and Wes both remembered that last time we went, they read Curious George books. Amazingly. It was last year sometime.

So, finally, John was done with work and we took the kids to Wendy’s for dinner. Then, finally finally, we pulled up to the library–to find it closed. Turns out they close early on Fridays.

Carissa was disappointed (as was I) so I suggested we take the kids to the library in the next town over. We realized they’re open till 9 pm, and that the university’s library (with a children’s section) is open till midnight, or something.

So off we went. And it was a nice evening. The breezy spring weather was perfect for an outing, and Carissa loved the attention of picking books and having Dad read them to her.




Wes wouldn’t sit still for even one book, but preferred to walk around and touch things. I followed him around while John read to Carissa.



Elizabeth went everywhere with me.


John and I each took some time to wander to the grown-up section and browse books for us. I opened one book and discovered some friendly uplifting notes. I thought that was a creative service project idea.


In the end, I checked out a few items (we have a card for this library, too). The next day Carissa was already saying she wanted to go back.

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