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Feb '12

Bowling & Ice Cream

Last week I took Wes and Carissa bowling. The second we entered the bowling alley, Wes went nuts. He knows about The Ball. And he LOVES rolling The Ball down the alley.

Cheering for himself.

He actually did pretty good. (Both scores are Wes, by the way. Carissa maybe touched the ball twice.) His best score was 96.

Maybe it’s my fault that whenever we near Costco’s parking lot Wes starts saying, “Ice cream! Ice cream!” I think he’s only had their $1.50 gelato cones three times, but I guess it’s made an impression.

The rule is, he gets the cone, Carissa gets a spoon.

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  1. tara72 Says:

    such a cute post! that gelato is to die for. that’s a good idea to get it before you shop and let them eat it in the cart. great idea! last time we split a cone, we had to put some in a cup. 3 scoops is a lot! oh but it’s so yummy. I love that Wes enjoys bowling so much. so cute!!

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