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Nov '11

Discovery Museum

Wes, Carissa, and I made an outing to the Children’s Discovery Museum. We went with our friends, but naturally I forgot to take any pictures that included all of us together. It was fun to carpool up together.

The very first attraction inside the museum is a giant ball garden. Kids can push balls into vacuum tubes that suck the balls up overhead and spit them out in various places. There are all sorts of activities kids can can do with the balls, and I can tell you that once Wes entered the ball garden, he did not want to leave. Ever.

Eventually I pushed him out and we saw the rest of the place. There’s a mini grocery store, which was mostly filled with cute little girls wearing aprons, filling their shopping baskets with pretend food and checking out at the cash register. Wes zeroed in right away on the plastic fruit shaped like balls. So I had to get him out of there quickly, as the girls didn’t like having produce thrown at them.

The great thing about this place is that all the kids, no matter how young, can feel like they belong there. Everything is meant to be played with. Even Carissa was right at home, finding plenty to stay busy with. She had fun exploring the child-sized house.

The other favorite activity was the water station. Wes and Carissa could have stayed there for a long time.

Carissa liked to drink from the boats.

We had a good time, and I’m sure we’ll be back sometime.


3 Responses to “Discovery Museum”

  1. tara72 Says:

    I love the look on Wes’s face when he’s got the fruit/ball in his hand. ha ha!

  2. mom Says:

    Me too! What a fun place. What a fun mommy to take them there!

  3. alicia Says:

    It was fun and thanks for going the same time as us. Sorry we didn’t really see you while we were there. :) So many things the girls wanted to see.

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