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Nov '11

John and Shannon Learn How to Make Pottery

Last month John and I had a Saturday afternoon date where we got lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries (um, yum!) and then went to an art studio to make pottery. It was a Groupon deal that offered half off two pottery making classes (you make the pottery in the first class, paint it in the second).

The last time I remember using a pottery wheel was in the seventh grade, and if I remember right whatever I tried to make didn’t turn out great. John has never used one.

Thankfully we had help. The teacher really knew what she was doing and helped us significantly so what we were trying to make turned out decently.

We started by getting a ball of clay and kneading it to remove air pockets. Then it was time to sit at the wheel! This was the fun–but deceptively difficult–part.

It works a little like a sewing machine with a foot peddle to control speed. Our teacher said slower was better for beginners, but faster was funner!

Actually molding the clay on the wheel was tricky; it often had a mind of its own. It was fun to get our hands in the clay and work with it, but when it came to turning that clay into something beautiful our teacher had to help us a lot. She said that art students at BYU are required to spend 40 hours at the wheel before they’re considered competent. We had about one hour. So, like I said, she helped us a lot.

But doesn’t it look like we know what we’re doing?

After our bowls were molded we set them in the sun to dry a while. I also made a vase that’s not pictured.

We’ll go back next week to paint them. Now we’re pretty much artisans!


2 Responses to “John and Shannon Learn How to Make Pottery”

  1. mom Says:

    My goodness, you and John are really stretching your legs! It’s hard to believe that the little glob of clay on John’s wheel was turned into a bowl. Will you research how you want to paint them or just be inspired? I hope to see them on our next visit to Utah!

  2. tara72 Says:

    you guys DO look very professional! I love seeing photos of your works of art. it will be fun to paint them. good job!

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