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Sep '11


Recently we ate lunch at Tucanos. Carissa ate the whipped cream off my sundae.

Wes ate nothing.

This afternoon I took the kids to Costco to return an item. We couldn’t leave without ice cream–or, as Wes says, “ISCWEEM!”

Costco sells waffle cones with three scoops of gelato (berry, pistacio, and chocolate chip) for just a buck-fifty. Good price. Good eats.

And aside from me helping lick up a few dribbles down the side and sneaking an occasional bite of cone, Wes ate the ENTIRE thing by himself. All of it.

Here’s proof: Wes finishing off the cone tip.

Later in the day we spent a little time at the water at Riverwoods. Wes LOVED playing in the water. Carissa got really excited and screamed happily as she toddled around, until the water squirted her in the face and then she needed some love from Mom or Dad before going back in.

There’s nothing better than seeing your kids happy.


2 Responses to “Kids”

  1. tara72 Says:

    smart kids. :)

    those last photos are really beautiful with the angle of the sun. love them, as always!

  2. mom Says:

    Is there anything a little boy loves better than ice cream? Or a water park? Okay. There are *lots* of things a little boy loves. I’m so glad you caught a few of those things with your camera. **smile**

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