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May '11

Mini Cookie-Ice Cream Pies

As far as I know, I made this up.

I was baking cookies and decided to put some cookie dough in the bottom of a mini graham cracker pie crust. I baked it and then topped it with ice cream.

Um. Yum.

So here’s the step-by-step.

1. Take mini graham cracker pie crusts (I used Keebler Ready Crust) and press cookie dough into the bottom of each.

(Every time I make cookies I only make part of the batch and store the rest in the freezer. I happened to have whole wheat chocolate chip cookie dough and snickerdoodle cookie dough on hand in the freezer.)

2. Bake the crust and cookie dough at 350 degrees for the approximate time that the cookie is supposed to bake. For my cookies it was about 10 minutes.

Here they are, cooked.

3. Let it cool a smidge, and then top it with ice cream and any other toppings you want.

For the chocolate chip cookie pie I used monster cookie ice cream (from Target). The snickerdoodle pie was amazing with strawberry cheesecake ice cream (also from Target).

This is the snickerdoodle pie cut in half with the monster cookie ice cream.

And here’s Carissa. I was trying to get a shot of her pulling herself up onto her knees to play, but she wouldn’t cooperate.


6 Responses to “Mini Cookie-Ice Cream Pies”

  1. mom Says:

    Um….Wow…Those little mini cookie pies are incredible! Time to open up your own little shop, Shan. You could call it “Shanni’s Shoppe” and it could have the incredible edibles on one side and crazy zumba on the other. Just remember that I was your inspiration on that idea, okay?

  2. mom Says:

    And….to think that by the time I see Carissa gain she’ll probably be CRAWLING!! She is, like, on the brink….it’s like waiting for a big premier….she sure knows how to make for the suspense. Of course, with those big blue eyes, those long eye lashes, and that adorable smile, she’s a real contender for the Best Beautiful Baby award.

  3. tara72 Says:

    Shannon, you are amazing.

  4. tara72 Says:

    hmmmm…..Springville COULD use a bakery…..

  5. shannon Says:

    Zumba on one side to burn off all the calories you eat on the other side? I like it…

  6. coilamg Says:

    (Remembered my password!)

    Those look amazing! What an awesome idea, Shannon!

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