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Mar '11

Video updates

Wes is 3 1/2, and he must be practicing writing letters and shapes at school (I haven’t been helping him at home). I took some video of him practicing on some paper (and a little on the table).

This is the first video I took of him writing. I’m not great at figuring out what he’s actually writing. Now that I watch the video I wonder if what he’s saying is an “E” is maybe supposed to be a “B”? Also, at one point he draws a circle but it’s not until the next video that I figure out what word he’s saying (“eh-kull” = “circle”).

I start to figure out what he’s saying and doing in this one. Do you like how at the beginning when I’m trying to figure out what he’s saying he just looks at me like I’m an idiot (and I kind of am)? He does circles and a square in this one, plus a few random letters and I think maybe even some numbers at the end. Who knows.

Wes likes balls. He really likes tossing them in the air. The other day he discovered he could toss a ball on top of the shelf in the living room and, because it’s slanted, it’d fall back down to him. In this you can hear him say “Whoa!”, which I think he must’ve picked up at preschool, because he says it a lot now, and also “There it is!” I’ve just noticed that he’s regularly saying phrases–and they’re pretty intelligible! Today he said, “There you go” when I handed him his milk cup (“Dare-you-do!”). So brilliant. Oh, and Carissa makes a cameo appearance.

And here’s a couple of me giving the kids dinner. Wes likes to sit on the counter to eat and watch/help (i.e., get into things) while I prepare food, and I often Carissa on the counter next to him in her Bumbo chair. I like having the kids there with me, and it makes it easy to feed them together like this. Wesley’s thing is that he wants to eat the same food Carissa does (baby food). And he tries to get her to eat what he’s having. (Today I looked away for a minute to put a new trash bag in the can and when I looked back Carissa’s mouth was lined with oatmeal–Wesley’s oatmeal that he was supposed to be eating.)

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  1. mom Says:

    These videos are so great….it’s like I’m able to peek into your home at just the right time. By the time I see Carissa in April, I would hardly recognize her if it weren’t for these videos! And Wesley? He’s brilliant. What’s so neat is that it’s so easy to see that Wesley and Carissa are brother and sister….they are so cute together! (Loved Carissa’s cameo shot….she’s a “natural.”) *smile*

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