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Feb '11

Time Flies

Wes and Carissa are getting so big. Wes is 3 1/2, and Carissa just peaked at 6 months.

Wesley’s latest thing is saying “Me!” whenever he wants something or to do something. I think he must have learned that one at school. I think it’s kind of cute and a good thing that he’s learning to express his independence.

I keep paper and crayons in a drawer near the kitchen. Wes discovered this, and he also noticed that when he would scribble a picture I’d put it on the fridge. After the first two pictures went up, he pulled out all the paper (which, thankfully, wasn’t a huge stack) and drew on all of them, each picture less elaborate than the last, and then took them one-by-one to the fridge for me to hang. We now have an art gallery.

Carissa turned 6 months on Tuesday. Once she got past the newborn stage, she was in that “little baby” stage for a long time. But lately I’ve been thinking she’s looking older, and I can kind of start to envision how she’ll look and be as a one-year-old. No, I’m not ready to think about that yet.

She is great at holding her head up. She’ll roll from her back onto her side to play with toys, but she hasn’t made it a habit to roll all the way over to her tummy. She smiles a lot and I like to make her laugh. She loves her brother, and he loves her. He likes it when we tickle her because he likes it when she smiles and laughs. And then he tries to tickle her, but he’s not really effective yet.


3 Responses to “Time Flies”

  1. mom Says:

    It’s obvious the way Wes is sitting in front of the art gallery that he will have exquisite taste in art….or at least whatever it is that is a product of his own two little hands. Carissa has the face of pure, open innocence. What adorable, precious pictures in this blog!

  2. katrinajr Says:

    Oh, Carissa is adorable!

  3. tara72 Says:

    she is SO CUTE like a little pea pod!! I love Wes’s art work. such fun!!

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