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Jan '11

Odd n’ Ends

It was warm enough one day this month that I could think of no reason to keep Wes out of the backyard. He bee-lined for the sandbox.

Wes likes to look at books. We cleared off an entire shelf on our bookcase in the living room and devoted it to his books only. But, of course, what do I find him looking at most often? My Harry Potter collection. I think he likes the feel of the pages in his hands and likes to flip through them. However, my HP books are wearing out pretty fast.

Here he is browsing a magazine while eating a snack.

He likes to do this:

He is also getting closer to climbing out of this crib, so we’re trying him again in the big boy bed. As long as we lie right next to him until he falls asleep, and he doesn’t wake up and wander out prematurely, and he doesn’t fall out of bed, it’s fine. We’ve sandwiched the toddler bed between the walls and a higher twin mattress to keep him from rolling out. We tried him in the bed overnight last night. I heard the door open at 4:15 a.m., and out he padded in his Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas. I put him in the crib after that, because I was so tired myself (Carissa didn’t sleep through the night) that I couldn’t handle any more loss of sleep.

Carissa usually does sleep through the night, and has been since about the four-month mark (she’s five months now). But lately she has woken now and again at night needing attention. I assume it’s because she’s growing and needing more nutrition.

I took her to the doctor for her well-child check last week. She’s about a foot long and weighs 12 lbs 15 oz. She’s growing, but the doctor expressed concern about her weight. She’s never been a giant, but she’s not gaining weight at a steady rate. At two weeks she was in the 41st percentile for weight, at two months she was in the 30’s somewhere, and now she’s 11th percentile. He suggested starting solid foods.

So I stocked up on some rice cereal and basic baby foods. Oh boy, it’s time to start that all over again.

When Wes saw Carissa wearing a bib, he led me to the pantry where the bibs are and gestured that he wanted one too. So they were matchy matchy during lunchtime.

It’ll be good for her to get some meat on her bones. Here she is in pants size 3-6 months. She’s five months, so you’d think they’d fit. But they look like mom pants.

She looked a little better once I added the jacket.

She is strong holding her head up now, and likes to sit in this chair we borrowed from my sister. I like it, too, because it keeps her entertained.

I saw her roll from her back onto her tummy today for the first time. I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not, but it was the first time she’s done it, regardless!

She sometimes gets super giggly when she’s tired. Like she’s really happy and loving to laugh and then suddenly she’ll turn the corner and she’s totally cranky and ready for a nap. It’s fun to make her laugh.

I just discovered she likes peek-a-boo.

Here we are at snack time.

She’s not super keen on eating real food, yet.

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  1. tara72 Says:

    oh man, this post is too cute! I love the picture of Wes and Carissa in matching bibs – and Carissa all dressed up! that reminds me – I have some baby food that we didn’t use with Ash that will expire before our next baby comes (whenever that is). so I’ll give it to you soon. oh boy, solids. :) great post!

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