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Dec '10

Keeping Perspective

Because today has been a rough day, involving too little sleep, too much to do, a lot of nose wiping and possibly even some yelling, here are a few things I like about my two little kids.


1. Wes has the best laugh when he’s being silly. He opens his mouth really wide and all you see is tongue and you can’t hep but laugh yourself. I love to make him laugh and smile. It is the best part of my job as mom.

2. He is so smart. He knows all his colors and can identify them verbally and by sign language. He knows his numbers and is learning how to count on his fingers. He is also learning the alphabet and likes the ABC song. I wish there was a song for numbers I could sing with him, too.

3. He loves music and has a knack for musical rhythms and beats. He makes up dances to the songs on his musical toys. Every dance is unique to the music, like marching to the march rhythm or twirling to the waltz. Most dances end with jumping.

4. I like to sing songs with him. He is rapt with attention and likes to do the finger plays that go with the words. A newer thing is that he’s starting to verbally sing along to (by repeating the sound of the last word of each phrase).

5. He is silly and loves physical play. He likes it when I say, “I’m gonna get you!” and he has to run away until I grab him and tickle him. He is a jumper and doesn’t need a trampoline for a good time; our floors, couches, and mattresses work fine.

6. Balls are one of his favorite things to play with. The mini basketball hoop is one of his most played-with toys.

7. He has a sensitive spirit. He doesn’t seem to understand discipline yet, but it always makes him tear up and get a pouty lip (which kills me every time). Afterward I ask him for a hug and he always gladly complies. Hugs are the best. He also is concerned when Carissa cries, if anyone on the TV appears to be in pain, or if you are sad yourself.

8. He has a habit of chewing on his fingers, so we’re always reminding him to “take your hand out of your mouth.” He’s started parenting Carissa now, too. When he sees her hand in her mouth, he’ll pull it out and say, “Ous!” (“Out!”)

9. He makes me smile every day.

Wes has lately been using Carissa’s binky.

Look at our new trash can! We finally canned our white trash can that we paid $1 for at the dollar store when we first go married eight years ago. I needed a trash can where the lid doesn’t fall off every time you touch it. And Wes touches it a lot.

Wes and my Dad eating lunch.

Me and Wes.


1. When she first wakes up in the morning she is all smiles. There is nothing better than being greeted by a wide, baby smile first things in the morning–especially when I’m always still tired from the night before.

2. Carissa is so alert and interested in the world around her. She watches Wes play and tries to twist around so she can follow him as he moves.

3. She is great to snuggle with. Babies are fun to hug.

4. I’m not sure if she’s officially laughing yet, but she sure makes giggly-type sounds that are so happy.

5. She is pretty calm all around, unless she’s tired our hungry, and then her cry becomes this dramatic sounding wail, as if the world is about to end if she doesn’t get her milk or sleep RIGHT NOW.

6. I love how after she’s done eating and sleepy her face and body are totally relaxed, and there’s usually milk slipping down her chin.

7. Carissa’s hair is still long and dark, but she has a bald spot on the back of her head. Which usually you can’t see. Her hair is mostly straight, but after a bath, when it’s damp, it’s curly.

8. I’m so impressed by how quickly she’s growing up. She talks a lot, cooing and making noise. She is so beautiful and I’m grateful she’s our baby.

Just after eating, just before bedtime.

Carissa’s curly hair after a bath.

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  1. rachel.orme Says:

    My kids love counting to twenty to the tune of “Ode to Joy”. Try it with Wes and see if he likes it!

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