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Aug '10

2 Weeks and Counting

Reason #126 why having a little girl baby can be fun: Dress-up.

I gave Carissa a bath yesterday, and she hated it. She burst out crying the instant the warm water hit her tummy, and she flushed so brightly red that for a minute I thought maybe something was wrong. So we had a noisy bath time as she screamed, but at least she got clean.

Here she is right afterward, still looking offended.

Wes was in the same room playing as I started to bathe his sister. When she started to cry he hid himself under the sink (presumably waiting for her to stop). When she didn’t he popped back out and I saw that his lip was pouty and poised for crying himself. Which he did. And then he ran into his room and cried some more. Two crying kids.

So this is why I asked someone to watch Wes today while I took Carissa to her two-week checkup at the doctor’s. I knew they were going to do the PKU (where they poke her heel and squeeze out blood for testing), and that it would be cause for some serious crying. And frankly, one crying kid at the doctor’s office is plenty.

Aside from the PKU testing, the checkup was positive. Carissa is gaining weight at a terrific rate. She was born 7 lbs 9 oz, left the hospital at about 7 lbs 3 oz, and two weeks later she’s 8 lbs 2 oz. That’s about the 41st percentile. She’s grown 1/2 inch (I thought she was starting to fill out her newborn sleepers) to 20 inches long.

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  1. katietaggart Says:

    Hi Shannon! Sorry I haven’t commented earlier, I could not remember my word press password, so I just set up a new one, so I could let you know how dang cute your little Carissa is! Congrats on the new babe!!! I am so happy that everything went well. I love that head of dark hair, it will be so fun to put bows in! Girls are seriously so much fun – a lot more dramatic in my experience, but SO FUN! I hope the adjustment to two kids goes well. And it is fun to read about Wes as well, he is doing awesome, what a little stud!

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