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Aug '10


Today was a good day for a few reasons.

1. I fit into my first pair of non-maternity pants. It’s a little snug, but I’m happy to have at least one non-maternity clothes option.

2. Carissa’s umbilical cord fell off. She now officially has a belly button.

3. We took our first family outing. As we pulled out of the driveway I realized we had four persons in the car. FOUR.

The outing was fun. We celebrated the momentous event by getting lunch at In-N-Out. We hadn’t been there yet (except for once in California). The burgers were cheap yet delicious.

Then we went to CostCo and spent too much, as always. But the very best thing we got there (in my opinion) was the $1.50 waffle cone hand-scooped with three flavors of gelato: mixed berry, pistachio, and vanilla with chocolate chunks.

Oh. My. Good. Heavens.

The place was jam packed with people (Saturday afternoon), so John took our goods out to the car while I waited in line. It was totally worth the wait. And the buck-fifty. Wes and I sat outside in the shade and shared the cone. He liked it. I liked it. We came home very happy.

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