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Apr '10

Tell Me I’m Not Alone

Today, so far, has gone like this.

1. Woke up at 8 a.m. (Hurray! My 6 a.m. aerobics class was canceled for spring break.)

2. Took Wes to a different aerobics class where kids are welcome. He lasted fifteen minutes and went downhill from there. Left a half-hour early with tears of frustration.

3. At home he played happily with toys while I went upstairs to change. Came down to find my fresh flowers dumped all over the table and carpet with petals and naked stems everywhere.

4. Put Wes in the “Bad Boy Chair” and then asked him to help me clean up. He refused: “No! No! No!”

5. Put Wes back in the “Bad Boy Chair” until he was willing to come help clean up. Much pouty lips from him.

6. Made him toast for lunch. He dropped his plate on the floor and it broke in four pieces.

7. Ate cookies for lunch whilst thinking, “Isn’t this exactly what I’m NOT supposed to be doing as a mom???”

Four hours down, nine to go.

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  1. tara72 Says:

    you are not alone. feel better? :)

    sounds like a mom to me for sure. I talked to someone yesterday who let her kids eat ice cream for dinner the other day (it was a very frustrating day for her), so you eating cookies for lunch is a great idea – thank goodness they were on hand. savannah broke our very special kitty-milk-pourer in a thousand pieces last week. and there are days where you feel like your kids are in time out all the time.

    let’s go to the park this week and celebrate being moms.

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