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Nov '09

ZUMBA Halloween Party Recap

I helped organize a Zumba Halloween party that raised money for the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation. The party was on October 29th. The first hour was all Zumba (in 20-minute segments taught by three different instructors), then we broke for a dance performance by P.A.L.S. (a dance troupe of young adults with Down syndrome). Following that, I taught my 20-minute segment, we drew some names for prizes, and then we did 20 minutes all-request Zumba.

Around 75-100 people came, many in costume. In spite of the heater not working and it being about 40 degrees outside, the event was a success. For a first-time effort at organizing a fundraiser, it turned out well. And I learned a lot. One thing I’ll do differently next time is not agree to teach three back-to-back Zumba classes the same day as the event, because by the time it was my turn to teach my body was like, “Three hours of exercise is enough. I quit.” It was fun anyway, but I was tired.

I just got back pictures from the event taken by our talented photographer, Tabitha Davidson (check out her photography Web site).


We held it at The Apollo in American Fork. The lighting was cool.

Desree taught the first segment, and we had a surprise visit from Michael Jackson!

Then Jessica taught.

And Laura. I didn’t even recognize her when I arrived. Nice wig, Laura!

(By the way, these three ladies are GREAT Zumba instructors.)

I was supposed to be a schoolgirl.

The last song I taught was a booty battle. My classes love booty battles. We divide the room in half and face off. One side does a move, then the other side does the same move, trying to best them. There is much booty shaking and smack talking.

Wes was Superman.


3 Responses to “ZUMBA Halloween Party Recap”

  1. Josh Says:

    this is hannah: So glad you posted more pictures from your party. Wes was so cute, and look at you getting your groove on. You are like the energizer Zumba bunny.

  2. tara72 Says:

    awwww, I love the last couple of pictures of you and Wes!! and I also love the look and sound of the Booty Battle. I wasn’t too sure when you first told me, but I love it more and more. I am SO going to do Zumba when things are more routine around here.

    I also love how Hannah has to half the time prelude her comments with “this is hannah:”. ha ha ha.

  3. tara72 Says:

    and might I add that, next year, you should dress as the Energizer Zumba Bunny. I’d like to see that.

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