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Jun '09


Today I was talking to John while sitting on the living room floor when I noticed a toy under the couch John was sitting on. It was one of the rings for Wesley’s stacker toy. I had been wondering where it had gone.

In fact, as I thought about it, lately a lot of toys have gone missing. I had been wondering if, like the clothes dryer monster that eats socks, maybe our home has a toy monster somewhere, sucking up toys when we’re not looking.

Then I had the genius idea to look under all our couches. Under the other long couch I found a DVD and three bug-shaped rattles that go with the bug sorting jar. Under the love seat I found the lid to the bug sorting jar, a board book, and a cat toy. Then, under the chair, I hit the jackpot:

The big money in this find is that red and white toy remote control. I have been looking EVERYWHERE (with the obvious exception of where it was) for this toy for weeks. Wesley is obsessed with remote controls and phones, and I love this toy because when I give it to him I don’t hear a peep from him for fifteen minutes, at least.

Thank you, toy monster, for spitting back out Wesley’s toys.

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  1. tara72 Says:

    ah-HA!! the remote control!!! you’ve been looking for that for a while. what a relief to find it!! silly toy monster….

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