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Jun '09

A Big Day

This afternoon I took Wesley to the Parade of Homes. The very last house we visited had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. When Wes saw me eating one he made his “more” sign, indicating he wanted some too. I was surprised since I’ve offered him cookies before to no avail. Now I know he really likes chocolate chip cookies. I was lucky to get much of that cookie, and when he was done I had to wash his chocolatey hands in the home’s kitchen sink. I guess he has a sweet tooth after all.

We (I mean, I) got lost while driving at one point, but it had a nice ending when we stumbled upon the LDS Mt. Timpanogos Temple. I haven’t been there since its open house years ago, before its dedication. Handily enough, the stake center next to the temple had an event happening, so its doors were open and we (I mean, I) could use the bathroom. Then we (and I do mean we) went for a walk around the temple grounds.

Wes surprised me by wanting to hold my finger as we walked.

He was amazed by the size of the temple.

A video of Wesley on temple grounds.

After we circled the temple we sat on a bench out front. Wes is teething.

Wesley’s really good at smooches. Here he’s planting one on my cheek.

When I asked him if he wanted Mom to take more pictures he made his “more” sign.

He is a happy fellow.


4 Responses to “A Big Day”

  1. mom Says:

    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! He’s so cute!! His face is just one big smile with the crinkly eyes and ……… He’s just so cute!!!! Did I mention he’s cute?

  2. mom Says:

    ….and I love how Wesley just walks off into the sunset…after wisely circumventing the big puddle. I didn’t expect that!

  3. tara72 Says:

    oh that video is so fun! to see him so tiny next to the temple. hm, why does that temple look so familiar….OH YEAH! I got married there! but you weren’t there. but John was. :) really adorable!!!

  4. Hannah Says:

    very cute! sometimes getting lost is the most fun.

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