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Jun '09


Something I don’t understand about Wesley: I’ll spend fifteen minutes trying to feed him food in his booster seat. The majority of it, he picks up, peers at, and drops over the side onto the floor. So in frustration I let him down.

And the first thing he does? Picks up the food scraps and starts eating them off the floor.

Maybe we should scrap the booster seat altogether?


2 Responses to “Scrounger”

  1. katrinajr Says:

    Isn’t that an annoying phase? Wyatt finally doesn’t do it anymore. But, Lucien does. He thinks that when I am sweeping up after dinner, I’m just gathering all of his snacks into a pile for him. It’s pretty gross.

  2. shannon Says:

    Ha, well when you put it like that, it does sound pretty gross. It’s amazing, though, what you start to put up with after a while. Like today in sacrament meeting Wes was chewing on a pretzel, and while he was standing on the pew and facing the people behind us the pretzel fell out of his mouth and onto the floor of the row behind us. The (very nice) dad sitting there picked up the soggy pretzel and handed it back to me. And without thinking I gave it back to Wes to put back into his mouth. Hmmmm. We sit near the front, usually, but I hope not many people were watching. I should have maybe not done that in public.

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