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May '09

Wes and his tooth

Today Wes has a fever of 100.6. Much thanks to Tylenol for changing him from a hot lethargic lump who slept for 5+ hours earlier today to the current baby who is happily rolling an old popcorn tin around the kitchen floor.

Some pictures of us and Wesley, courtesy of my sister. They’re from last week when we ate at The Roof in SLC to celebrate my big brother getting his Ph.D. from the U.

Here you can see Wes doing his single, signature sign that means “more” or “yes” or “I’m happy.”

And another one of Wes, wherein you can see his token tooth. It appears to be coming in crooked, but I guess considering my teeth and John’s, that shouldn’t surprise us.

What a happy little guy.


2 Responses to “Wes and his tooth”

  1. alicia Says:

    Wes is the cutest! I’m glad he survived the first tooth- ouch!

  2. tara72 Says:

    just to reassure you, I think most kid’s teeth (ummmm I don’t know where that apostrophe goes) come in crooked. that’s why so many need braces. but I think many also straighten themselves out with time. glad the Tylenol helped. :)

    loved your report on Mexico as well! I still want to come chat this week sometime (if you have a spare moment) and see more pictures.

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