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May '09


Today John, Wes, and I went up north for some errands, and we paused to drop in to Cabela’s.

This was my first time at Cabela’s, which is the “World’s Foremost Outfitter.” Not sure exactly what that means, but I gather it translates loosely to the “royal wonderland for men who like deer, fish, and killing both.”

I’ve never seen so many men wandering around a store looking happy.

We had a $50 gift card to spend. By “we” I mean “John” (he got it for Christmas last year), but after putting things in our cart for both Wesley and myself (mini camp chair with armrests and seat belt for Wes, pool noodles to use in my upcoming Zumba Kids classes for playing limbo), I insisted that John better spend at least a minimal portion of his gift card on himself. He finally settled on a hat, three canisters of propane, and a bucket of beef sticks with the brand name “Intimidator.”

So my take on Cabela’s: Not my favorite place to hang out. BUT there’s a neat little aquarium where you can stare down large fish like trout and catfish, and I was surprised to find cute clothes for women with outdoorsy tastes that weren’t all boxy and unflattering. If you want a bikini in camouflage, Cabela’s is the place to go.

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  1. alicia Says:

    We went to Cabela’s a few weekends ago- Koby for the first time. We were there to look at tents but they didn’t the one we wanted. It is a huge place! Koby didn’t get why his brother loves it so much, but it a very fun place for kids. Brigg loves the stuffed animals, feeding the fish, and looking at the aquarium. So in that aspect, it is fun, but I don’t know what I would buy there unless it was camping related or clothes. :)

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