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Apr '09

The Best Part

Today was a tough day. The kind where I ended up taking myself to a coffee shop to eat hazelnut gelato and a chocolate cupcake. You know the kind of day.

But there was a bright spot. I took Wes in the stroller to run some errands. While waiting in line for the checkout at Robert’s Crafts a gray-haired lady came up beside me and started talking to Wes. This isn’t unusual. Anyone with a baby is accustomed to ladies stopping and admiring your little one. In fact, one of the Roberts Crafts clerks had done it just a few minutes before when I passed her in the aisle.

But this lady was different. And after I minute I realized why. It was when she said, “This is my daughter,” and gestured to the young lady beside her (whom I hadn’t noticed until then). Her daughter was in her late twenties and had Down syndrome.

I introduced Wesley to both of them and we chatted for a few minutes in line. Down syndrome is an interesting, visible thing to have in common with complete strangers. An instant bond.

The lady’s name was Barbara. She told me what a joy our children are. “It’s like living with a celestial spirit, every day,” she said.

“Which makes us have to work harder,” I added, and she nodded.

She asked how old Wes was and I told her (eighteen months), and I also mentioned that he’s in nursery at church. She was surprised and asked if he could walk. I told her he started last month and she told me how great that is. Her daughter took a little longer, until she was three.

“Your family is very blessed,” she said as I paid the clerk and turned to the door.

And you know? She’s right.

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  1. katrinajr Says:

    It’s amazing how things like that seem to happen exactly when you need them. Last week I was grocery shopping by myself with the kids and everything was going completely wrong. (Which included a broken jar of gravy on aisle 17, and a screaming, overtired Lucien.) Then, as I was about to lose it in the frozen foods section, a nice old man came up started talking to Wyatt, showing him the ice cream, etc. Distracted him long enough for me to calm Lucien down, find him a snack, and get him settled back into the cart. It was exactly the help I needed. How did he know exactly what to do?

    And, somehow, instead of making me feel like a horrible mother with out of control kids, he had me laughing by the end of it.

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