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Mar '09

Guess Where Wes Was

Now that Wes is a free-minded, independent 18-month-old who walks, he’s pretty much everywhere. He roams wherever his feet take him–and his toys follow.

Play the following game:

“Guess Where Wes Was”
Look at the pictures. Can you find where Wes was?

The last picture illustrates Wesley’s favorite hobby of dumping whatever he can carry into our bathtub. You’ll notice his empty bottle and an entire wicker wastebasket along with other random things he found lying around. Just try to picture Wes lugging around the wastebasket, which really is almost as tall as he is. That little guy is tough and determined to haul it all the way from the bedroom, to the bathroom, and heave it up and over the bathtub’s edge.

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  1. tara72 Says:

    LOL! that’s awesome!!! what a strong little bugger!!!

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