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Mar '09

Park Time

Last week when it was slightly nice outside we stopped at a park. Wes spent the first ten minutes like this:

I think it was because of his shoes. He’s not used to wearing shoes, and when he wears them he won’t walk in them.

When I pulled him to standing, he stood. But that was all. He tottered like he wanted to move, but his feet did not budge.

So then I put him in a swing to cheer him up. I’m not sure it helped.

I did buy him a new pair of shoes that have very thin soles. He took a few steps in them today, so I’m hopeful we can try the park again sometime with greater success.


4 Responses to “Park Time”

  1. Maurine Says:

    You should try Pedipeds. They are my favorite beginning walker shoes. Addie loved them when she started walking because it didn’t feel like she was wearing shoes. They have cute styles too.

  2. tara72 Says:

    okay, that first picture of him in the swing is hilarious. he is totally like “mom what am I doing here.” actually he looks kind of mad. *lol*

    and of course, you know that I love Pedipeds, too. you can always order some from Endless.com and return them for free if Wesley doesn’t like them or if you are trying to find the right size.

  3. nanners Says:

    that is the cutest and funniest post. What a little turkey!

  4. jemima35 Says:

    so grumpy yet so cute at the same time!

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