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Dec '08

Bad Mom?

Tonight I was making myself a smoothie in the blender for myself. It had skim milk, ice, banana, and chocolate (yummmmm). Wes was hanging around watching intently, and was a little fussy, so I thought maybe he was hungry, too. I’m trying to feed him more of what I’m eating so he can get more Big Boy Food in his diet (this morning he ate some of my pancakes and eggs, and sausage ground up in the grinder). But I didn’t want to share the smoothie because it had banana in it, and bananas mess him up in the diaper department. So I pulled out a jar of baby food, which I don’t feed him very often, except for prunes. This jar was macaroni and cheese. (It tasted bland to me, and I don’t know how babies put up with it when there’s Kraft in the world. I guess he’s better off not knowing what he’s missing.) He ate half a jar, and then I thought maybe I should give him some version of my smoothie. So I blended together whole milk and Ovaltine– which has vitamins in it, at least, on top of the sugar. I put it in a bottle for him and he seemed to like it.

So, essentially I fed my baby mac and cheese and a chocolate milk shake for dinner. I was aiming for something good, but maybe I missed the mark?

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  1. tara72 Says:

    na, you’re doing great! Savannah had mac and cheese for dinner tonite, too. she’ll eat almost anything if there is cheese on it. you’re doing what you think is good for him, and you are his mom so you know best!! so don’t worry, he’s doing fine. :)

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