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Nov '08

Zumba Power & Wesley Power

I taught two Zumba classes yesterday and another one today. You know the class is working when after one class you’re sore, after two you’re really sore, and after three, well…I’m glad I have a few days off now.

Last night I taught Zumba to my ward’s Young Women group. They can really groove, those girls. Some of them wore funky socks and one had a boa around her neck. Some photos:

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Also, here is Wes on Halloween at our Ward Trunk-or-Treat. Wes actually slept through most of it. He was asleep in his car seat, so we plonked the car seat by the trunk of our car where we were handing out treats. He never stirred, so finally we woke him and I dragged him over to the donut table for a glazed original and some apple juice. He liked the empty plastic cup a lot.

The other day I left him playing on the floor of his room while I went into our bedroom for a few minutes. I figured he was safe enough there. When I came back, this is what I found:

I guess you never can tell what a baby is going to discover when your back is turned.

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