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Oct '08

Can I Just Say…

>hat I love Zumba. It is good for the soul. Today I spent much of the morning cleaning house (much needed), part of the afternoon in a playgroup, and then the rest of the day balancing a grumpy Wesley with trying to learn kickboxing choreography for Saturday’s class. Fortunately, Wes didn’t stay grumpy for more than an hour or two. All of a sudden the clouds cleared and he was giggling like crazy. I love it when he’s happy like that. Then I was able to practice my choreography and have dinner.

But when all was said and done I was tired and needed a pick-me-up. It may sound strange that an aerobic workout would be said needed pick-me-up, especially when I had just finished kickboxing for an hour, but Zumba did the trick. I went through an entire class routine (55 minutes) and my whole day is better.

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