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Sep '08


Saturday I did something super fun and exciting: got certified to teach Zumba!

Zumba is a dance fitness class inspired by Latin and international music. I stumbled upon Zumba totally by accident (ended up in a class I don’t usually go to) and was intrigued. I went to a second class on purpose, and was hooked. Zumba is so different from normal aerobics (which I also love). It’s fast, fun, and doesn’t feel like a workout. You get to the end of class and can’t believe the hour is up. Also–and this is significant for me, who truly can’t dance–anyone can do Zumba and love doing it.

When I heard a certification workshop was coming to Utah I jumped onboard and am so glad I did. The workshop was so much fun, and now I’m prepared to teach basic Zumba classes.

I was already planning to start up an aerobics class at our church in the next month or so with hi/lo (floor aerobics) and cardio kickboxing. Now we can Zumba too!

If you live nearby and want to join in, the classes will be FREE and kid friendly. If the classes are in the mid-morning hours the kids can play together in the back of the gym and hopefully no one will kill each other while we’re working out up front. I might do an early morning class (5:30 or 6 a.m.) for people who have to go to work.

I’ve been an aerobics-monger for 8 years and Zumba is the most exciting thing I’ve done in all that time. Check it out. (Obviously in my class there would be much less of the bikini-clad scene you see in the videos and more of the everything-vital-is-covered-up look.)

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  1. brozy Says:

    That looks like a blast. Congratulations on getting certified. : )

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