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Sep '08

Fall Cometh

I pulled this outfit from Wesley’s closet today, put it on him, and about died from cuteness overload. It was a gift from my visiting teacher last year. When she gave it to him I was worried he wouldn’t be able to wear it because the outfit is size 3-6 months, and when Wes was actually 3-6 months in age he was wearing sizes newborn and 0-3 months. But hooray, he’s finally big enough and it’s finally cool enough that I got to see him in it today. (The stuffed fox is part of the outfit. It’s like his little pocket friend.)

As a side-note, Wes has started to crawl towards our cats, who have quickly learned to run far away as fast as they can whenever they see Wes starting towards them. It gives him good motivation, and them good exercise.

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  1. tara72 Says:

    OVERALLS! that IS a total cuteness overload! man, and I thought he was cute in his little warm-ups on Saturday. well, face it Shannon, your kid is ALWAYS a cuteness overload, especially with the way he smiled. a lot. all the time in fact.

    so you guys got tickets yet for the UCLA game Saturday? :)

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