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Aug '08

Speech therapy

I just wanted to report that Wes did much better with his speech therapy visit today than last time. I wasn’t sure how Wes would do since he had been yawning and was obviously ready for a nap. But once his therapist walked in and started playing with him he perked up and smiled a lot. She said that today he was like a new baby; he has improved so much since her last visit.

Hah. I knew my baby was smart.

And he really has come a long way since she came a month ago. He’s making more sounds, especially when he’s mad or tired or needs something. I hear him say “mamamamama” when he’s tired of being in the crib, and I hear the same sound with a lot more oomph when he’s getting angry. Sometimes I just stand there and listen to him making these great noises, even though technically the noises are meant to spur me to action. It’s so darn cute hearing him talk.

His therapist had a lot of other good things to say about Wes, like how he goes after toys (leans toward them) with definite purpose and throws a small ball really well. (We should probably get him a bigger ball to start rolling around.) She said he is responding well to stimulus and is taking turns and can understand cause-and-effect toys. And she said he was so adorable that she’d be more than happy to pack him up and take him home with her.

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  1. coilamg Says:

    Hey, that’s really cool! Can’t wait to meet you both!! :D

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