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Jul '08

New tricks and games

Lately I’ve been trying to help Wes learn how to go from all fours to sitting. I think he’s starting to get it. (See video below.)

Wesley pushing back up to sitting.

Wes is also getting to where I can play games with him, which is really fun. Yesterday we played one where I draped a cloth over the side of his crib, and he’d roll over and grab it and pull it down. We did that over and over, and he really liked it.

He thinks it’s so fun when I put a toy on my head and tip my head forward so it falls off, and then I do the same thing to him. When he feels me set the toy on his head his face lights up with this look of delight, and he likes it when the toy slides off. We can do this game over and over again, too.

When he’s tired, especially, it’s easy to make him giggle. He’s ticklish and just loves it when we “get him.”

And, like all babies, he’s fascinated by paper. Any variety: church programs, daily comics, bills… Maybe it tastes good?

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  1. katrinajr Says:

    I wonder about the paper fascination also. Just today Lucien destroyed a Netflix envelope. Maybe it’s the noise it makes?

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