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Jul '08

Another 5K

Last Saturday was the fundraising 5K for Best Buddies. My friend Alicia, who is a much finer runner than myself, ran it with me. She’s training for a marathon, so for her this was an “easy run.” For me, this was my Super Big Mega Run. I had planned to go with Wes in the stroller, but the night before our stroller sprung a leak and John got to hang out with Wes instead on the sidelines.

I actually enjoyed this one more than my first 5K, probably because this time I had someone to talk to during the race. I ran it faster by almost a minute, clocking in around 28:40. In any case, considering I just started running in March I’m happy that I can keep my legs going for more than three miles without keeling over and dying.

Wesley’s favorite part of the race was probably sitting in the lawn afterwards playing with some toys we brought. He’s ten months old now (!). And still smilin’.

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  1. alicia Says:

    Let me clarify this post. :) Alicia, the crazy one, is training for a marathon and the 3 miler is her “easy run” according to her training workout. Doesn’t mean it is easy for Alicia. :)

    This was my favorite 5K too! Thanks for letting me run with you. It made the mileage fly. I think we have similar paces which is hard to find. Too bad we don’t live closer because we could run together. You seem to have a more natural ability to run faster than me… you are running faster than me at this point in running.

    What a fun event! I hope they get Best Buddies in the schools for Wesley. Although seriously, I think he will be pretty popular. Hello, look at that smile!

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