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May '08


In February I took Wes to a professional photographer. I wanted high quality photos of my first baby while he still looked like a baby. He was five months old at the time, but the photographer said he still looked newbornish enough that she would take the type of photos she takes for newborn babies–a lot of diaper-only ones!

Wes was so good during the whole hour. He was all smiles for the photographer, throwing smiles left and right–until the photographer’s face disappeared behind the camera, that is, and then he went completely straight-faced. She managed to capture a few smiles on film, but it was lucky.

The photographer commented that she didn’t think Wes looked very strongly like he has Down syndrome. I think some of the photos capture his DS better than others. But that’s how he is in real life, too; sometimes he looks like he has it and sometimes he doesn’t. Then again, I’m his mom and I see him all the time, so maybe I’m just used to how he looks. In any case, the photos seem to capture him in a variety of moments and expressions that are authentic, and I’m glad we have them to keep forever.

Here are some of the photos that were taken. They are all copyrighted by Busath Photography.









5 Responses to “Photos”

  1. ktaggart1 Says:

    Shannon, those are fantastic pictures! Wes looks so cute. They got some great smile ones – but remember, that is coming from me whose baby is super straight faced when the camera comes on. You look really pretty Shannon. That foot picture is amazing, so creative!

  2. alicia Says:

    wow, those pictures are absolutely amazing! You both look great. The photographer captured some great, adorable smiles.

  3. Brinestone Says:

    I LOVE the second picture. How beautiful!

  4. brozy Says:

    Great pictures!

  5. Coila Says:

    These are beautiful, Shannon! What a worthwhile thing to spend some money on.

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