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Apr '08

And for his next trick…

Three weeks ago Wesley’s physical therapist noted that Wes was “really ready” for supported sitting. I hadn’t realized it. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else tell you these things.

So we’ve been working on it. His therapist came again one week ago and said Wes had improved a lot since her last visit. His progress is so gradual to me, who sees him every day, that it’s also nice to have someone tell me that, too.

She said that it’s common for kids with Down syndrome to want to fold over when you hold them in a sitting position, but Wes fights to hold himself upright. He doesn’t fold over.

Wes seems to enjoy sitting up and having a better perspective of the world. He loves to look around him. Lately I’ve noticed him watching our two cats scamper around. And when I take him outside he watches the cars drive back and forth on the street by our house.

Now that I’m paying attention, I can tell he’s getting stronger at sitting up. Sometimes he’ll let go of the toy he’s using to prop himself up, and for a moment or two he’ll balance himself upright without clinging to anything. It’s great to watch him grow up like this. Last night I watched a few videos of Wes when he was seven and eight weeks old, and he has come a long way in seven months!


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  1. ktaggart1 Says:

    Shannon – he is SO CUTE! That is awesome that he is sitting up. Lance sat up right at 7 months too! That is also so funny about his play gym – what a darling picture. I love that smile! We have the cutest boys!

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