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Apr '08

Seven Months!

How can our baby be seven months old already? We’ve realized that he’s officially over that six-month hump and into the latter half of his first year, which means in a handful of months he’ll be a whole year old. Crazy. Who’d have thought we’d ever have a one-year-old?

Wes is doing well. His latest favorite discovery is shaking his arms. With this new skill he can hang onto toys and shake them like crazy, and sometimes he’ll shake his arm at you as if he’s saying bye-bye (even though he doesn’t know it). Here’s video proof, but you’ll have to endure hearing me talk like all moms do to their babies. We just can’t help ourselves.


A physical therapist visits twice a month because of his Down syndrome, and she says he’s doing great. She came last week and was impressed at his readiness for supported sitting, so we’ve been working a lot on that. We set a toy in front of him and help him sit up (holding onto his legs only) so he can play with it. He doesn’t like to sit up for long, though. He’d much rather stand up!



Though he’s seven months old, he’s still working to grow into his three-month size clothes. He sleeps great through the night (and has since he was three months old), although sometimes in the morning I’ll walk into his room to discover all his covers kicked off and Wes lying diagonally in his bed, completely outside of the positioning blocks we set him between at night. I don’t know how he wiggles himself out of those.

He’s only had one cold this whole winter, and he wasn’t even grumpy during it. We feel so lucky to have this little kid as part of our family.

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