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Mar '08

Cool as a Cucumber

Our baby Wes is generally pretty good-natured. He doesn’t cry a lot, but he’ll get fussy if if 1) he’s tired, 2) he’s hungry, or 3) he’s bored. And he’ll full-on wail if he’s hurt, but it (thankfully) doesn’t last long.

Recently my two nephews were visiting, and we put Wes next to his five-week-old cousin Ethan.


Wes is a little bigger at six months old, but not by much.

Ethan quickly grew tired of lying next to his cousin Wesley and started to cry.


It didn’t seem to faze Wes in the least.

Then we put Ethan’s big brother Logan on the other side of Wes, and all chaos ensued.


I don’t think Wesley noticed a thing.

Here’s my mom holding Wes.


And John holding him.



3 Responses to “Cool as a Cucumber”

  1. ktaggart1 Says:

    That is totally Lance too! He is so mellow. He’ll be playing with a toy, and other kids will come up and steal it and he could care less. So the pic of the kids on either side just made me laugh – what would Wes and Lance do if they were together – just chill out and have fun! And can I just say that is the sweetest picture of your mom holding Wes. You can just see the love she has for him, so precious – what a cute grandma!

  2. ambster115 Says:

    Shannon, what a cute kid you have! I loved reading all of your entries on your website, and seeing you nephews with Wesley. They are adorable as well. Cooking? It wii get easier I promise. I woud stay closer to the meals that you only need a few ingredients though. They are easier, and take less time and planning. Another suggestion. Crockpot it. I love my crockpot, and your meal can cook all day, and you don’t even have to really do anything butt put everything in it. Tell your mom I said hi. She is a real sweetheart.

  3. tara72 Says:

    awww I love how Wes just doesn’t seem to care about anything in the least. he looks so cute!!!

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