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Mar '08

Recurring Dreams

Since Wes was born I’ve been having two recurring dreams. It’s strange, but I don’t remember having any recurring dreams before he came. (Technically, I’m not sure I can call these dreams “recurring,” since the scenes aren’t always identical, but the themes are always similar.)

1. I’m back in high school and everything is going wrong.

This is my most frequent dream, and I HATE it. Which amazes me, because I LOVED high school! The premise is usually that I’ve already graduated from high school, but for some reason I have to go back because I didn’t finish something. I always have trouble finding the classroom, I’m usually running late, I NEVER have my homework done, and I’m always stressing about passing my history class because I realize that the whole semester has gone and I haven’t gotten past reading chapter one. I’m just worrying, worrying, worrying and feeling like I’m so behind and failing. A common feeling is panic.

Does this mean that I’m anxious and insecure about something in real life? I wish I could figure that out so I can stamp out these dreams. I dislike waking up and feeling so unsettled.

(The funny thing is, even though I’m back in school, in my dream I’m always aware that I’m a mom. Sometimes the baby is there with me, and other kids are holding him for me in class. The baby shows up in a lot of my dreams now.)

2. I’m trying to get to London but it never works out.

This one doesn’t come up as often, but it’s just as annoying. The premise is that I’m on my way to London but, for various reasons, I never get there. Something usually goes wrong and I always wake up before I arrive. In real life, it’s been six years since I’ve been to England and I desperately want to go back. Is that why I keep dreaming about it? Do I just need to up and cross the pond to feel better?

Any dream doctors out there who can help me out? Or have you had recurring dreams yourself?


3 Responses to “Recurring Dreams”

  1. Jon Boy Says:

    I’ve been having #1 a lot, especially since I started seriously contemplating grad school a couple years ago. Usually I dream about high school, and usually it’s calculus class, which is strange because I did great in calculus. The only part that’s really different about mine is that I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed that I’ve had to go back to high school to finish something. I think I always dream that I’m simply back in high school (or occasionally back in college).

  2. Titania Says:

    My dad has always had dream #1, about being contacted by his school because they found out he didn’t successfully complete all his courses. Dreams are weird!

  3. Lisa Davisa Says:

    I always have recurring dreams that I am trying to take care of a fish (or multiple fish) but I always forget to feed them and they end up dying. They always look really grotesque, too. I really hate those dreams.

    I also have dreams that guys I dated before Jeff (or sometimes guys that don’t even exist in real life) come back into my life and either a) tell me that I have completely ruined their life and they’ve never moved on, or b) try to win me back and I always have to tell them, “Hey, I’m married now, things aren’t the same, you need to go away.” My question here is, am I really that vain?

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