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Jan '08

Daytime Living

I recall one day during my former life as a desk-job employee driving somewhere during my lunch break and suddenly taking in all the cars and people, everywhere, around me. Now that I don’t spend 40+ hours a week anymore sitting at a desk I’ve realized that stuff exists outside the four walls of the office. It’s amazing. People are out during the day. They get groceries while it’s still light outside. They go to the library. They weed their gardens (when it’s not winter). They take walks. And now that I’m home more I’m part of this super-secret society that lives while other people are holed up in their offices. It’s great!

The flip side is daytime television. There’s a whole other world out there besides prime-time telly. I was watching a show the other day while feeding Wes. The commercials featured were for:

1. Motorized scooter company
2. Hearing aid company (you can try before you buy!)
3. Two different vitamin products
4. Prescription arthritis medication
5. Three different life insurance companies
6. Teaser for upcoming Survivor episode

Any guess as to who the target market audience is for The Price is Right at 9 a.m.? The Survivor teaser threw me, until I remembered that the 80-year-old woman I visit teach is a die-hard Survivor fan and would leave the television on while we gave her the lesson. So there you go.


2 Responses to “Daytime Living”

  1. alicia Says:

    LOL, I love it! So true.

  2. Salieri Says:

    They may have changed the set a little, but thank goodness they haven’t changed the incidental music.

    “…A NEW CAR!”


    dadaduhdadadaduh DA daduhdadadaduhda…

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