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Jun '07


I mentioned recently my new-found appreciation for craigslist.com. Well, tonight I was browsing the “wanted” section, where people post things they’re looking for. Usually very sensible things like a used sofa in good condition or possibly an area rug.

Here’s what I came across tonight. Does this freak out/crack up anyone else?

Massage Wanted-

I just want a massage. Mostly back, neck, and shoulder- the usual. I’m a professional male (mid-20’s). If you have a salon that is great- or your house is fine too. Don’t worry, I’m not some sicko/crazy/nasty hairy guy. I’ll pay between 25.00-100.00 depending on your experience, and the quality and length. Please email if you are interested. A short bio/pictures/etc. are good. If I like you this may be a weekly or semi-monthly job. Thanks.

I was worried when he asked for pictures of his potential masseuse, but he must be perfectly safe since he says he’s not some sicko/crazy/nasty hairy guy. I totally trust him.

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