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Mar '07


The other night I was getting ready for bed, going through my normal routine which, when I don’t shower at night, includes wiping my face clean with Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Cloths. They’re refreshing, and a really easy way to remove makeup. When I finished I got into bed and snuggled close to John, whereupon he said, “What’s the smell? It’s like turpentine.”

“Turpentine?” I quickly moved away from him. “Do you mean my face wash stuff?”

He leaned closer and sniffed. “Yeah, that’s it. It’s kind of piney-smelling.”

“Wait, you just said a second ago it smelled like turpentine. Like paint thinner. An industrial, icky smelling product.”

“Turpentine has a natural pine scent. I think it’s derived from pine sap, or something.”

I mulled this over.

Then I scoot back over. I guess you can’t argue with being told you smell like an evergreen forest. It smells good, like Christmas, right?

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    In case people don’t know where turpentine comes from:

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