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Mar '07

Green Eyes


Last night my husband ran into McDonald’s while I filled up the car with gas. When he came back out with his double cheeseburgers and my chocolate shake (which turned into our chocolate shake, because he drank over half of it), he told me about his experience ordering.

He was looking and looking at the menu, but couldn’t find where shakes were mentioned. Finally, he asked the young girl behind the counter where the shakes were on the menu. She gazed at him and said, “You know, you have beautiful green eyes.” After a beat she came to and added, “Oh, and the shakes are listed over there.”

I’ve always told him he has gorgeous eyes. Not only are they sage green, but his eyelashes are–there’s no other word for it–luscious. I guess now that my claim has been backed up by a young McDonald’s cashier, there’s no doubt about it.

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