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Jun '06

And the winner is . . .

blue ribbon

. . . ME!

I won a new job.

Or earned it. Whatever.

I’ll be the new curriculum standards reviewer for Independent Study. A nice step up from my previous job. I applied last week and got the official word on Wednesday. Technically, I’ve already started, payroll-wise, although they still need to find a replacement for my job and I need to train him or her. (Any takers? My job’s posted on yjobs.byu.edu.)

On Saturday John and I ate an official celebratory lunch at Ruby River Steakhouse in Provo. It was nice because the place wasn’t busy at all, so we got fast service, and we ordered anything we wanted. One plus of eating there for lunch is that prices are cheaper than dinner prices. Even so, our meal amounted to $45. But how often do you get to celebrate a new job? We had steak for each of us (him a New York strip and me bacon-wrapped filet mignon), a salad, sourdough bread with butter, and a piece of cheesecake and scoop of ice cream that we split.

Yum. It was good.

Yum. A new job is good.

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