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Oct '05

Would you like chow mein with that burger?

Last week John planned our date in advance–something new we’re trying. (More exactly, something that we haven’t really done lately and we’re trying to resurrect.) He called me at work on Wednesday to tell me the details of our date for the coming Saturday.

John: We’re going to the Springville Museum of Art and the T-Bone Restaurant in Springville for lunch.

Shannon: Fabulous. (pause) Wait–there’s a T-Bone Restaurant in Springville? Springville that has three Mexican restaurants and one non-Mexican sit-down restaurant? You’re telling me that Springville has a steakhouse?

John: Apparently.

Shannon: I don’t believe it. Where’d you get the name of this place?

He got it off of www.springville-utah.com. I decided to check out the Web site myself. I got a little worried when I saw on the Springville Calendar of Events page an announcement about the Springville Playhouse “coming in 2004!”

I looked up the number for this T-Bone place and gave them a call.

Asian-sounding woman: Hallo? Dis is da T-Bone Restaurant.

Me: (Sigh of relief that they really do exist) Um, what kinds of foods are on your menu?

Asian-sounding woman: Our av-wage is abou’ $5.99.

Me: (pause) No, I actually meant what kinds of foods are on your menu.

Asian-sounding woman: Oh! Do you wan Chinese oh American?

Me: (startled pause) Um, American.

Asian-sounding woman: American, huh. (thinks for a moment) Do you like fish?

Me: (even more startled pause) No.

Asian-sounding woman: Um, if you don’t wan fish, an you like gwavy, we have a weally good countwy fwied chicken.

Me: Burgers, do you have burgers?

Asian-sounding woman: Yes, if you wan American.

Me, thinking: Yes! I want American food! Why do you call it the T-Bone Restaurant if you serve Chinese food?!!!!

Me, out loud: Thank you very much for your help.

So on Saturday John and I ventured to the T-Bone.

T-Bone Restaurant Front

As you can see, it turns out the T-Bone is a Chinese-American restaurant. Big surprise there.

It was actually a bit busy. Not every table was full, but there were people there. The inside feels like a diner, with booths set close together and pictures of classic movie stars taped to the walls. The lattice separating our tables from the kitchen was painted bright red.

We couldn’t decide between Chinese and American, so we ordered both. John got sesame chicken with fried rice, egg drop soup, and egg roll. I got a grilled chicken and swiss sandwich with fries. Given that this place was run by an Asian family, we were surprised that my chicken sandwich was much better than your average chicken sandwich, and it was even better than John’s sesame chicken. I think they seasoned my chicken with terriyaki sauce or something. But it tasted darn good. Service was quick, and the bill was cheap. Just $11 for two full meals with leftovers to take home.

A bit of an unconventional place, but I’m happy to know that Springville has one more nono-Mexican sit-down restaurant to its name. Even if I didn’t see steak on the menu for a place called T-Bone.

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